About Us

Why it happened?

A lot of online local news outlets have sprung up during the times of Covid across Kerala. Attingal is no exception. While many of these news websites and Facebook pages are spiritedly covering the events and happenings all over the town, there seems to be a gap in terms of detailed reporting and nuanced coverage.

We try to fill this gap.

Who are we?

We are a group of seasoned professionals in diverse fields, ranging from engineering and business administration to software development. We are not new to the online media. In fact, we founded keralnet.com, one of the first portals in kerala back in 1999 when we were still just out of college.

What you can expect?

We do not offer frenzied event-by-event coverage of Attingal. You can easily find that elsewhere. We would rather cover the town in peace, but in detail. We will give voice to wannabe writers from Attingal as well. Perhaps the best of our offerings is the kids section, where you can find the creative outputs of Attingal’s children. All in all, you can find high-quality, well-edited and reliable content here.